Windows DEMO downloadMacOS X DEMO download

• Interactive World Map*
• Longitude / Latitude look up**
• All the countries in the world**
• Flags, locations and coordinates**
• Graphic and Topographic Maps

MacOS X a9 Update
• User Interface update
• Links to online detailed Maps
• Minor bug-fixes
• Coordinate fine-tuning

MacOS X a8 Update
• Viewer with 1500+ Images from all countries
• Clickable World Map
• Hair cross on/off
• New Maps (Clean, Detailed, Night)
• Minor Bug fix and GUI updates

MacOS X a7 Update
• New Interface Design
• 800x600

MacOS X a6 Update
• Calculates (on the fly) the distance from point A to point B. (Kilometer, Statical Miles and Nautical Miles)
• Copy/Paste Registration

MacOS X a5 Update
• Spoken Country Details, Quiz
• 4 Quiz Hints
• Salling Clicker Support

MacOS X a4 Update
• Full Screen
• Map animation ON and Off
• Hand Pointer On or Off
• Random country
• Where in the world quiz
• Map Quality levels
• Country Major and minor Cities
• Start-Up settings
• Software manual

Based on NASA´s Visible Earth photography
**Based on CIA´s The World Factbook data


• Mac G4 500 Mhz
• 128 MB RAM
• MacOS X
• 800 x 600 Display
• Quick Time 6

Will work on G3 machines, but the preformance will not be as good. Tips for G3 users: 1. switsh to graphical map (located in the 59-8 display) 2. Zoom the map to 20

59-8 is not a GPS navigation Map. You will not be able to locate a position in h:m:s. It will indicate where a country´s center point (North ot South - East or West) is located.

MacOS X : Download 59-8 a9 demo (11.55 MB)
Windows XP : Download 59-8 a3 demo

DEMO version limitations:
Medium resolution Map
15 country look up


Feedback & Support

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