WORLDview Widget 1.7.1

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WORLDview Widget 1.7.1
is a world map widget displaying all
the countries in the world
with a globe posistion.

It also gives you:
- The National Flag
- Coordinates
- Capital
- Continent
- Photos
- Country Background

New in 1.7.1: User Interface - bugfix for 10.5
New in 1.7: Showing the Country Name on "Select a Country" - Dropdown list
New in 1.6: Phone, Currency and Timezone details (found under "i"-button)

New in 1.5: Country Background Information within the widget

New in 1.4: Country Background Information (rollover "i" - icon), Text/Help text, Map fix for; Bosnia & Herzegovina, Australia, Sweden and West Bank

New in 1.3: Photo gallery with 1500+ images, random country on startup, no reload on flip, GUI enhancements

New in 1.2: Search for a Country or the Capital, Smaller buttons on map

New in 1.1: Interface update, Get a random county, more details

Download (345 k)

MacOS X 10.4 reguired

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